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w203 edc16c3 maps


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4 ore fa, Laurynas ha scritto:

forse qualcuno ha mappack per questo?
1037372790 W203 2.7
o simili edc16c3 vecchio file? Grazie
letto con mpps.
dispiace per che io parlo solo in inglese


Google translate save all ! :D

Please read the policy roule and make your presentation on the dedicated post.


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2 minuti fa, Tky ha scritto:

Thank you for guide ! I have done my presentation ;) And now analyzing rules of forum..
Sorry again. It's very hard to orientate. 

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Address Name Size
$00000 Hexdump
$191ACE DW 1 8x8
$19188A DW2 8x8
$192356 DRAG TORQ ? 16x14
$194646 EGR 16x12
$1A8A62 Smoke map by MAP ? 16x16
$1E2CA6 Turbo 1 12x16
$1E37FA Turbo 2 12x16
$1E2A62 Turbo 4 12x16
$1F04F2 Rail Pressure 1  15x16
$1F0826 Rail Pressure 2 16x16
$1E2E26 Turbo 1 limiter??? 7x10

 what i found.. 

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giving a quick glance I can tell you that one of the torque limiters you find the IND. 1a81d4 to 1a822c and is set to deliver a minimum of 38 to a maximum of 70 then dropping obviously, to increase it to your desires you should control the amount of air that the engine is able to store as under torque they are easy to smoke , bye, see you soon.

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