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  1. Hello I have also problem with Blue and Me ecu... Doesnt respond...Odometer not blinking but usb/aux and wheel command doesnt work.... I have programattor Tll866 I just buy socket for flash nand chip and I have rebooling machine so I can remove and reflash the chip.... I only need some good guy who can give me good firmware for this ecu (51989250) This is ecu with Navi.... Im also willing to pay if need but no more of 50$... I only need firmware nothing else... Or if somebody have the firmware and ask more of that... and somebody also need the same firmware we can collect money and pay
  2. Hello guys ... you have full with enthusiasm and passon to fix this and Im really happy for you ... I just bought giulietta and have the same problem usb aux and voice command doesnt work ... So its not problem to resolder and reflash the chip but the problem is where we can find dump files for our chips that the tricky ... So I need dump file for NQ278 (5198250) If somebodey have good dump file from ok board please tell me here or sent me pm ... Im willing to pay for dump if need ... Tnx
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