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  1. it is possible read and write this marelli ecu, with a clone bdm v1255? the car is from 2008 best regards
  2. hi anyone can help me with the rev limiter of this van best regards NISSAN PICKUP.zip
  3. i had a destroyed and burned honda, but the engine and some parts of the wiring loom are in good condition, the question is, how can i do to remove the immo of this K20 engine? i know this http://www.k-tuned.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=75 but it is possible with another method? there is the pin usage of the engine http://www.honda-tech.com/showthread.php?p=28889015 best regards
  4. hi anyone can teel me were ist the engine ecu from this car? i need to see sometthing into the interior of the ECU. best regards
  5. hi im thinghing to buy a magpro2 it is a good tool? it is safe do deel with mr bogdans? help me to decide. best regards
  6. hi someone can help to identify the place on car of the atmospheric sensor on a opel corsa from the year 2004 1.3 multijet best regards
  7. hi it is possible do mod the 2003 opel vectra 2200 dti 125 cv with psg16 pump? how can i do it? with eprom, galleto, kess, cmd, or others? best regards
  8. i tingh that cmd can do it, but i cant remember. its possible to reset the fash counter? and wath other tools can do it? it is possible with VCDS? BEST REGARDS
  9. Galep4 with this 2 adapters 299 euros you save the vat and the adapters price. very reliable programer
  10. im asking about reliability if it reads correctly the ecu, if it write correctly, if dont lock the ecu´s etc. soon, i need to use it into a bmw 320 d 150 cv from 2003 and a peugeot 207 1.4 hdi, its safe to use it on these car´s? i use a bdm frame with the correspondents probes, i dont solder the pads on the ecu. best regards, and sorry for the answers
  11. thanks do you now something about the 555 bdm it is a good one or no?
  12. hi i need to correct the checksum of the moded file when i use the bdm to read and whrite the ecu? im asking because with galleto on the edc16 ecu´s i dont need to correct the checksum. best regards
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